Adapting to what is isn’t too hard to do with these mandalas. I didn’t get to working on this one til late in the morning yesterday. The light was coming in overhead, causing the camera to cast a shadow below. I had to fiddle with the adjustments a lot to make it anywhere near what I wanted. It was hot in the studio, and I knew if I left it til later the ranunculus petals would probably shrivel. There was also a problem with the fabric underneath, the folds wouldn’t iron out. Was going to need to adapt.

Silver dogwood earring, rhododendron, horsetail fern fronds and stems, heuchera flower stems

So later in the day I revisited it. Swapped out the fabric and started again, this time with live dogwood flowers. The tree that we took for dead when we moved here has come back to life. It’s covered with white blossoms, tipped with a bit of brown on the edges. You can barely see the variegation on the budding foliage. It came together pretty fast, and I got the photo when the sun went behind the ridge.This year has required us all to adapt so much. We’re still doing it. When life continued to happen to people — sickness, death, fires, disappointments — I was flabbergasted at first.  Wasn’t the pandemic enough? Couldn’t we all get a pass on this other stuff? But no, it doesn’t work that way. We’ve gotten to exercise the patience muscle, to put off that which isn’t necessary. We’ve adapted to what is. Good on us all.

Dogwood flowers and leaves, rhododendron, maidenhair fern fronds and stems

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