And now for something really different – wasn’t that a tag line for the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show? We didn’t get to watch much television as kids, but I think my Dad liked this one, so we could watch it.

Photo of unusual botanical arrangement
Eucalyptus bark from Millerton Point, sea shell, rose hips, hare grass, feather, horsetail ferns

Two more days, day after tomorrow, and we won’t have to call Biden President-elect, or Harris Vice President-Elect. I fear somewhat for the threatened violence, but that thought cannot overcome my joy. Also Senator Warnock, and Senator Ossoff. What a resounding ring they have.

Thank you to all who’ve migrated over to this blog. I’d like to hear what you think.

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  1. Beatrice Murch

    That makes me think of a bird of paradise. Beautiful.

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