Angel Wing Begonias are such a beautiful shape. I inherited a few from a friend who died last year, it’s one of the ways i remember her. One of the plants isn’t doing too well, so I cut a few stems to start over (the other two plants are doing okay. Had a lot of fun with this one.

Went for a walk this morning, early, frosty, on Muddy Hollow Trail. There were some muddy spots, got some water in our shoes, though it was so magical, the frost on trees, leaves, and even this little mushroom covered piece of wood. I put it up on the bridge to take its’ picture; then put it back down on the roadbed where I found it.

Miniature mushroom forest on Muddy Hollow Trail

Our drawing teacher suggested that we work on drawing textures in her absence. Might tackle one of these at some point. Might. Maybe.

Lichen on Muddy Hollow Trail

Happy New Year!

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