I’m so sorry I blew it this morning. I made the mandala, posted it to social media, and then got totally distracted by my new camera. It’s the new iPhone, with three lenses, the ability to work with low light, do telephoto shots, and more. Took it outside to Olema Marsh and started taking pictures.

Olema Marsh, looking toward Silver Hills Road

Still have a ways to go before I learn how to use it. Monday I have a personal session with Apple to go over the phone in particular.

Serrano peppers, pussy willow buds, silk tassel tree buds, douglas fir cones, Christmas cactus

Hope you enjoy it, in spite of it being so late. Felt very energized as I did it. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

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  1. Janet Robbins

    Beautiful photo of Olema Marsh!

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