I’ve been thinking about how to concisely express why we respond to art in times of pandemic. I don’t think I make beauty because I’m in denial about how bad things are. I accept COVId-19 as real, the reality we’re all living through. However, I’m not choosing to reflect the despair and ugliness of the past year. Rather, I’m reflecting the reality of nature, and in that, the art brings comfort and hope. Here’s an interesting article that discusses this from both a historical and current perspective.

Field mustard, wallflowers, succulent rosette, horsetail fern, metal beads

I came home yesterday from mailing a copy of the book off to Joe and Jill. That was a thrill. There, waiting for me in the wood shed was a yellow cup with field mustards in it. The leaves are really something. Look closely and you’ll see how much life force they have. Thank you JF for gifting them to me.

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