Some things really are as good as I think they’ll be. Having my sister and her newish husband here is one of them. They were supposed to arrive today, but called yesterday afternoon to ask about coming yesterday — but of course! They got in last night, and are still asleep. So often I have unrealistic expectations about how something will be, and try to temper my enthusiasm. I can remember being told “Don’t get too excited”, which I now interpret as “I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

I have trouble overcoming my tendency to get excited about things, and so sometimes am disappointed. That’s okay, but this, having them here, really is as good as I thought it would be. I got to anticipate the joy, and now experience it — double bonus. Hugging, wrapping my arms around her, is simply delicious. 

Chocolate Queen Anne’s lace, snapdragons, horsetail ferns, dogwood leaves

My brother-in-law has never been to West Marin, so will take him hither and yon. A partial list includes: Limantour Beach (hope for whales sightings), Bear Valley, a Bay beach, local wildflower walks, good meals at home and at local places, and Bolinas later today.

Obviously this wouldn’t be possible without being vaccinated and the easing of the pandemic. It’s not over, but life is freer, and I’m more connected to family and friends. Grateful again, and that feels good.

This mandala uses the lovely new dogwood leaves. Their shape and color pull it all together, don’t you think? As they mature, they become variegated, so these colors, the red and green, don’t last long.

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