Was noticing the little hazelnuts around the yard, displaying the beginning and end of their life cycle. They have three stages at once. Some of them still have last year’s nuts, encased in their husks, along with spent flowers – I think of them as tassels – and new leaf buds on their branches. Do you know of any other plants that have this?

Hazelnuts in their husks, hazelnut tassles, and twigs with buds, daisy flowers and petals, strawberry leaves

You can see the onion skin dye in this image. It doesn’t come through as vibrant as it does in person, but that’s actually good. It’s too strong to my liking. Don’t want it to overwhelm the design.

My occasional garden helper is coming today. I’m overwhelmed by the number of seedlings I’ve produced, many of which need to get in the ground ASAP. Most, though not all, of the snapdragons are planted, as are the pansies. Hoping today to get all the strawflowers in. I’ve also got starts of carnations, which I’ve never grown from seed before. Apparently they take some time, and this variety gets tall, so I need a safe place for them to thrive. Things grow so fast this time of year!

Snapdragon and pansy seedlings at the beginning of February

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    The Hazelnuts remind me of a bird/ pheasant ?!

    1. Carol Whitman

      I know what you mean, the husk is sort of beak-like.

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