I can’t relate to “happy” 4th of July. The history of our country is so tainted with white supremacy, so full of inhumanity to others. It’s hard to know how to live with it. It does no good to stay depressed and immobilized. So I do my phone banks, calling in support of voting rights. There has to be some joy in life, in spite of all the horrors visited upon others, and finding the balance is hard. These mandalas help me, and I hope they bring you joy too.

Petunia, red currants, oregano stems, scabiosa buds and flowers, alstroemeria petals

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  1. Janet Robbins

    I totally agree with you, nothing to cheer about, and your mandala reflects that in a way, with the dark, slightly ominous blackish scabiosa flowers circling about! Trying to keep my faith with the bright currants and petunia in the middle xo

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