Read more about the article Hellebores make me swoon
Daffodil, hellebores, ribes sanguineum Inverness flowers and leaves, eucalyptus sticks, brass beads

Hellebores make me swoon

These hellebores make me swoon! These are so delicious, I'm tempted to grow nothing but. They grow in the shade, bloom in late winter/early spring, and are just exquisite. But,…

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Daffodils, sweet fern tips, dried flowers from Stunt Ranch Road Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, red alder cones, topaz

Came together nicely

This morning's mandala came together nicely. The photograph didn't. I kept changing variables, it was pale and faint. Finally figured out there was schmutz on one of the lenses. Close…

Read more about the article COVID Vaccine #1
Calla lily stamens, pansies, daffodils, and shells

COVID Vaccine #1

Had my COVID vaccine #1 two days ago, and thought I'd escpagted with just a sore arm. Not so. Was very uncomfortable last night,. Have cancelled a walk with a…

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Daphne and salal leaves, daffodils, strawflowers

Avocado dye bath

Linen soaking in dye bath made from avocado pits and skins Beautiful color, in this avocado dye bath, which fades to a subtle pale version of this (sort of) when…