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Carnations, hydrangea petals, blue margeurite, Kent Beauty oregano, radicchio flowers

First one on the new computer

This is the first one on the new computer. Mostly it's the same, but every so often I'm stumped, usually by the navigation. I backed up everything to an external…

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Kent Beauty Oregano, horsetail fern fronds, pepper tree berries, coriander seed

Kent Beauty Oregano

I love this Kent Beauty ornamental oregano, so delicate and sweet. I think it's named for Kent because it looks a bit like hops, which are widely grown in Kent, UK.…

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Dahlia, hollyhocks, pepper tree berries, stock, anemone petals, pansies, feverfew

The pepper tree berries

The pepper tree berries come from my quick trip to Los Angeles. My grandson was here for five days. We had such a wonderful time, he is such a joy.…

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Hydrangeas, bracken fern, larkspur, osteospermum, nasturtium petals

This one I love.

This one I love. Haven't been feeling very inspired the last couple of days, but last night I saw the bracken in the north yard, and felt the movement it provides, and…