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Rose, dahlias, palm nuts, cedar branch tips, pepper tree berries , and madrone bark

Concentrating on botanical drawing

I have been concentrating on botanical drawing, and doing fewer mandalas. This one contains flowers I got at the nursery in Bolinas — they lasted and lasted — and so…

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Ivy keaf with stem

Ivy leaf with stem

Ivy leaf with stem. I continue to get such satisfaction out of learning to draw. Finished this one today. It's the last day of class for the year, our teacher…

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It’s acorn season here

It's acorn season here. They're dropping on the ground, and the deer are feasting. These showed up in Molly Brown's botanical drawing class. I am a person who always said they…

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Geranium, redwood branch tips, sea urchin quillw, breast bone , dried toyon berries and unidentified flower buds from Stunt Ranch Road Trail, madrone bark, abalone shell

Escape the circle

Thinking about how to escape the circle.  Much as I love it, sometimes the pieces seem like they're all the same.  Is that the circle, or the choice of plants…

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petunias, horsetail fern, clay beads, boxwood leaves, madrone bark

Happy Boxing Day!

This botanical mandala was created on Boxing Day, December 26, 2020. Boxing Day is traditionally the maid's day off. My friend Aggie says she makes it her day off. Wikipedia…

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Joyeaux Noel

Merry Christmas, sort of

This Christmas mandala is composed of a succulent rosette, eucalyptus bark, breath of heaven tips, madrone twigs, hydrangea clusters. I'm not feeling it, not in a Bah Humbug sort of…