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Anemone, salal leaves, evergreen clematis petals, pires Japonica leaves, pansies

I’m having a show!

I'm having a show and you're invited! We can't have a reception, but if you live in the Bay Area, we can have a viewing and a visit together. I'll…

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Hellebore flower and petals, magnolia flower buds, pires Japonica leaf tips

Telling lies

One of the things my father really hated was telling lies. I'm sure he told his share of them, as did I. I grew up outside of Washington, DC, in…

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Chocolate Queen Anne's Lace, primroses, unfurling ferns, rose cedar cones, hellebore petals, daisy peta;s

Lonely neighborhood turkey

Our lonely neighborhood turkey has been alone for a couple of years, pre-COVID. There used to be at least three, one of whom had a pronounced limp. This one skitters…