This one is dedicated to my grandson and his parents. He got his second COVID vaccination two days ago, had some side effects, but this morning he feels 100%, and doesn’t have a fever. I am so grateful that he could get it, it’s a bigger relief than I thought it would be. Getting myself vaccinated was the same way — that second one really trashed me for about 3-4 days, but feels so worth it. How about you, assuming you’re vaccinated, how did it feel? I’m still more cautious than most people, wearing a mask inside stores and sometimes in crowded situations outside. I figure I’ve come this far, and the Delta variant is still out there, so why not?

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Here’s yesterday’s photo from Millerton Point, at low tide. We do live in paradise.

Millerton, looking south

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    Wonder picture of Millerton Point !! and your Grandson’s Mandala looks HUGGABLE!!

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