I didn’t expect to be so busy when the pandemic started. I thought there would be lots of down time. Ha! Not so. In fact I have to be aware of making time to relax. The last few days I’ve been moving three mandala projects along -proofing the second edition of Flowers for a Pandemic, the banner for the show at Toby’s in April, and the new batch of greeting cards. All are moving toward completion.

I took a lovely, wild flower/agenda setting walk yesterday with two of my Indivisible West Marin friends. The group meets monthly, and this was a chance to visit, and go over the agenda for next week’s meeting. Restored me.

Can you make out the rainbow on the hillside in the middle?

Today’s mandala is still in hellebore heaven!

Hellebore flowers, petals, leaves and seed pods, abalone, marble, and Japanese maple twigs

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