What is the difference between art and craft? When I saw the request for submissions from the New York Times, it was for crafts that were done to help people get through the isolation of the pandemic. The selections are varied and absolutely fabulous. It got me wondering what the difference is between art and craft, and I went searching for the answer. Of course what I found is that there is no definitive answer. In the Middle Ages, a craft, such as blacksmithing, was a specific set of skills that were taught and learned, and which resulted in a useful object. I know blacksmiths today who use their craft to create works of art. Craft usually, though not always, involves making things by hand. I ended up at the Craft in America site, where one of the primary buckets of content is “Artists”. I spent the last hour down the rabbit hole of this beautiful site, and am convinced that crafts people are artists. And maybe artists are all crafts people, in that they utilize technique to make their work. What do you think? Is there a difference between art and craft?

Rose, clematis leaves, stock, geranium and peony petals

This one really pops, and seems out of place to me on a foggy, overcast morning. It feels optimistic. I didn’t grow most of the components — they’re from a bouquet a friend in Bolinas gifted me earlier this week. The little geranium flowers come from a pot on my front step, and they too were a gift.

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  1. Lisa Brill

    I agree that crafters are also artists (most of the time) and should be acknowledged as such. I think the difference is in the utility of the object beging made. A blacksmith makes horseshoes, but doesn’t add any ‘artsy’ embellishments — purely utilitarian. But s/he can also make a gate — it can be purely utilitarian, or it can have embellishments that tell a story — the family name, twining vines and trees, a handle shaped like a wolf. I think the artistry is the part that tells a story or conveys an emotion that makes the item stand out in a way that’s more than utilitarian.

  2. Meka Kaiser

    Absolutely stunning !!!!

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