You’ll notice that I’m differentiating the alstroemeria parts — what I used to call petals, the larger ones around the middle of this mandala, are actually sepals. The smaller striped ones are the actual petals. I’m taking a class in botanical illustration at the Bolinas School of Botanical Art. Our teacher, Molly Brown, is covering this, along with stamens (male parts) pistils (female parts). We went over the hill on Friday, and stopped at the 24th Annual International Exhibition of Botanical Art at the Marin Art and Garden Center.

OMG! It’s phenomenal. I know I’ll ever reach this level of expertise, but I now understand how it’s done — layers upon layers of color and detail, built up very slowly. Right now I’m still just using graphite, no color, and I’m loving the meditative quality of shading, and watching the drawing develop.

Honeysuckle, alstroemeria, petals dahlia,s
From the 24th Annual International Exhibition of Botanical Art, sorry I don’t know the artist’s name

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