DIY Mandalas at Toby’s has started. I took the table down to the gallery at Toby’s yesterday, along with an array of materials to work with. With COVID, we can’t have an opening for the show, and I wanted to do something interactive to compensate for that a bit. So far it looks like people are having fun making their own mandalas. Today’s refresh will include some ranunculus. 

Ranunculus, upside down daisies, horsetail fernm and primroses

Hope to pop in and capture the fun every day, though we’ll see how that goes. The weekends might be too crowded. I’m fully immunized now, past the two week point, but not sure I’m ready for crowds on the weekend. Will definitely be there each morning to clear the table for that day’s creative fun.

Toby’s show mandala 1

Here’s a really wild one!

Toby’s DIY Mandala #2

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    I love them all !!! The feathers!! puka shells!! and Chili peppers !! Love them !!

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