Doesn’t this pomegranate just glow? I dropped off a calendar at a friend’s house in Petaluma yesterday morning. There in her yard was a whole shrub of them. I chose this one because it was smaller, and wouldn’t take up all the center space, and because of the color variation. They’re ancient plants, thought to originate in Persia; thrive in dry, hot climates, and are associated with devotion and love. I can see why. 
I’m still taking botanical drawing at the Bolinas School of Botanical Art,  and it’s making me see plants in new ways. One day we’ll graduate to colored pencils. This is one of the first fruits I’d like to draw in color, so maybe this time next year? The blueberry leaves caught my attention because they’re the only ones, out of about 10 plants, with this burgundy color — the rest are all green. Here, at about 3 o’clock in the inner circle, you can see where part of a leaf was shaded, and it’s got a fully green sliver. This plant produces really well.

Pomegranate, blueberry leaves, hazelnuts, zinnias

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