It’s been eight weeks without sugar. I haven’t really missed it, though I sometimes get a thought, “wouldn’t it be nice…” Recently, I was offered and took a bite of savory chips — the unexpected sugar jumped out at me. There it was, on the label, so I passed on them. It’s hidden in many processed foods, and this experience brought that home. I need to check labels. My friends have been supportive, they don’t bring sweets, even when they come from a world-renowned baker. The tempting thoughts seem to come up when I’m looking at photos of sweets, cakes in particular. I sometimes remind myself that it’s a day at a time kind of thing, and I can always have some tomorrow. But I’m glad I haven’t. I’m not controlled by thoughts of sugar, and have lost some weight as well. 

Daisy of some sort, money plant, hydrangea petals

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  1. Harriet BArlow

    Who needs sugar when this sweet greets my morning eye? Thank you, Carol! xohb

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