This mandala is elegantly simple. I usually start with a central piece, and keep adding and adjusting until it’s “done”. This one came together quickly – the last pieces were the twigs. It told me I didn’t need to add anything else. Now I’ll let you in on a secret. I do make a mandala every day, sometimes more than one. I’ve been able to get a day ahead of myself, and use the one from the previous day on my posts. This helps with selecting the plants, lighting in the studio, and time management. Today, it also allows me to show you the design as it wilted. The daisies simply relax from the center out. The maple leaves shrivel. Lighting is a bit different, the sun wasn’t so high in the sky. Enjoy!

Blue-eyed daisies, Japanese maple leaves, and stems
Starting to wilt
Wilt yesterday evening
Overnight Wilt

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    WOW !! now we know your secret !!I am enjoying these stages of this Mandala! Thanks for sharing!

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