I’m slowly emerging from my reaction to the Moderna booster I got on Saturday. Not unexpected, and Sunday was lost. Better yesterday and today. I’m glad I got it. Will return to my morning walking routine tomorrow with a walk up Perth.I love buckeyes, and so far I haven’t used them as well as I think I could. Will have more opportunities I’m sure. Here they act as support for a faltering petal or two. Maybe they’re better in a bowl together, or on the ground at White House Pool.  What do you think?

Echinachea, buckeyes, strawflower buds, honeysuckle, blueberry leaves

Calendar inventory is dropping! Hurray! Sold 5 yesterday, so if you’ve been planning on getting one, do it now. Go on over to the shop (at the top of the page), and check out the book, Flowers for a Pandemic as well as the gift cards. We all need beauty as this pandemic drags on, so send some botanical mandala love to your family and friends.

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