Evening light in July. There’s a skylight above, and two large windows on the west and north sides of the studio. This can make it hard to get the lighting right, unless it’s early morning, or foggy and overcast. I finished this mandala up as the light was starting to fade, and like how it captured the summer evening light in July.

Big happening yesterday over at the old Coast Guard property (yes, it needs a new name, stay tuned for a naming contest). There weren’t as many as last week, though a good turn out nonetheless. We broke into groups to brainstorm about 3 areas: the residences, community, and natural resources/sustainability systems. Each group spent an hour compiling a list of ideas in response to questions: “what will make this neighborhood feel welcoming?”, “what types of features and activities to you envision here?’, “what is most important to sustainability’, and “how could this site contribute to West Marin’s resiliency?” In 3 weeks, on August 14th, they’ll present their drawings — based on the ideas generated yesterday — for another round of feedback. If you missed it, you can give input at CoastGuardHousing.com. Stay tuned for a link to register for the event on 8/14.

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  1. Riitta M Serumgard

    Beautiful Heavens Breath for July 26th. Tora was born 51 years ago up on the Ridge on Dover Rd. A celebration of happiness.

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