African bone bead, dafodills, oyster shell, clam shells, mussel shells, pansies, pussy willow branch tips, Osteospermum ‘Zion Copper Amethyst’

Feeling kind of cross-eyed this morning. I think I read too much news, and am having trouble settling. On the one hand it’s important to stay informed, on the other I have to limit my consumption or there’s no balance. What can I do about it? Mostly not much.

The Georgia legislature has proposed 9 new voter suppression bills this week! They obviously don’t want everyone to vote. To that end, we will be having phone banks starting next week. If you’re on my phone bank distribution list, stay tuned.

I saw a friend outside the post office yesterday. She said she was going to buy a book to send to Joe and Jill. It didn’t compute. I asked where they live – she replied, “in Washington, DC, in the White House!” Duh. Today she made good on her word, with a lovely inscription praising me for my political work. Thank you ML, you’re pretty amazing yourself. After I post this morning’s mandala, I’m going to send it off, and hope they actually get to see it.

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