Feeling normal today, and wonder when, after the obligatory two week wait, I’ll feel normal interacting with other vaccinated folks. When you you think that point will be for you? I am quite privileged to have reached this point, through no merit of my own except my age. Glad that people of all ages are getting their immunizations.

I have to say the quality of the photo is much better on this blog, than on social media. But people don’t want yet another place to click on, so I’ll stay will all three (FB, IG, and mandalasbotanical.com.) I’m grateful to you for signing up. You also get additional words, and sometimes pictures.

Ranunculus, wisteria buds, linaria reticulata, daisies, hellebore petals and seed heads, horsetail fern

Walked around Millerton this morning, and the bay was dazzling. There’s a barely visible group of birds feeding on a school of fish. When I moved here in 1971 the bay was full of herring. Not so much now.

Up the Bay

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