Many of us were raised being told that we need to figure things out for ourselves. I certainly was. My parents told me that I have a good mind, and that I should use it to find the solution to what’s challenging me. I took this to mean that I should have enough information on hand to actually figure out the solution. This was rarely that case. I took chemistry in college, and tried to understand it before I read the book. I thought I should just know it. It was very frustrating until I went to class, did the assignments, asked questions, and studied. Then I could figure it out. There are times this past year when I’ve tried to figure things out for myself, either with the camera, or plants, or getting my art out for others to enjoy. It wasn’t until I asked for help that things came together. I also learn from trying and failing – something the recovering perfectionist in me has a hard time with.  It’s unrealistic of me to think I should just know things, without being taught. So I strive to be teachable, to be willing to learn, and willing to say “I don’t know.” Sometimes it takes me a while to get there, but I usually do.

Hellebores, common daisies, horsetail fern, daphne leaves

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