Firsts are accumulating, everything from first time sitting inside a restaurant, to first walk on Bear Valley Trail, and in the garden — first delphiniums and alstroemerias. The walk was thrilling. The meadows around the trailhead and park headquarters are filled with poppies and lupines. The fire was contained right at the trail. On the left it all looks like normal. On the right you can see the terrain, where there used to be trees and underbrush, there are now charred trees, fresh fern growth, and clear spaces. Some of the big trees have been cut, some broke off at the crown. One of these is housing an osprey nest. Will go again this afternoon. What firsts are accumulating for you this spring?


I created this mandala yesterday afternoon, and had trouble regulating the light that plays across the table. One solution for this is using the Vignette setting to even it our around the edges. Other solutions — work in the morning, put the shade back over the skylight, and/or adjust the drapes. Will start with the first today.

Ranunculus, alstroemeria petals, delphinium. craspedia globosa, blue margeurites

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