Flying on angel wings, angel wing begonias that is. There are a few different types of begonias, these being cane begonias. They’re named that because the stems look like bamboo canes.

I used to have a very large one. It got lost along the way, so I was grateful to inherit one from a good friend when she died in January. I wasn’t sure it would live, it hadn’t been watered in a while, and it was winter. I repotted it, gave some cuttings away, and waited to see what would happen. It’s done well, in fact, well enough to give up some leaves to these mandalas. I’m flying on angel wings today, and thinking my friend would love these.

Dahlia, pansies, ornamental oregano. angel wing begonia leaves
Dahlia, angel wing begonia, pepper tree berries
Dahlia, angel wing begonia, dahlia sepals and petals, madrone sticks, hazelnuts

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