Good for the Texas Democrats in the state legislature. They are walking out, for a second time, on voter suppression laws. If these pass, Texas will have one of the most restrictive voter laws in the country. PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS and tell them you support the For the People Act, and that they need to do everything possible — change the filibuster — to get it to pass. You can look up their numbers here. If it’s Feinstein she can be reached using one of the options below. Padilla is doing a great job supporting the legislation.

Local phone: 415-393-0707
D.C. phone: 202-224-3841

Now on to mandalas. This one changed from having a bunch of purple, and the first carnation I’ve ever grown, to this. The colors on their own were wonderful, but in combination with others I wanted to use, not so good. In fact, not even good enough to post. :=)

Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace, hydrangeas, gomphrena, yarrow

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  1. Theresa Prince

    soft and delicate
    if you want more vibrancy maybe a darker back cloth like orange or coral ?
    well done 🧡💜

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