I got up really early this morning to listen to a curator in London from the William Morris Society talk about his gardens. It was fun, sitting in bed, watching on my phone, with the cat on my lap. Morris is one of my design heroes, and politically he wasn’t too bad either. I visited two of his houses on previous visits to England — Kelmscott Manor and Red House, and can highly recommend both of them.
Here are two variations that show what happens when I start taking flowers apart. Think it improves the overall mandala, yes?

I’m going to New Mexico tomorrow to help a family member who’s having surgery. I’ll be cooking and hanging out, and hope to try a few southwestern mandalas.

Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace, hollyhock petlas, rose campion, horsetail fern, and comfrey flowers

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    Queen Anne’s Chocolate Lace ! Always a fav !!!

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