Gratitude abounds today for many reasons: the sun is out, the little seedlings I planted out yesterday are doing ok, my family is healthy, and I got to spend the last 1.5 hours with a group of former colleagues from my work days. It was really, really nice. All but two of us are retired, two have significant health problems, and there was a deep sense of caring and warmth. Each of us checked in, and we all paid attention. One of us has Lewy body dementia. We listened as she spoke, haltingly. She has had to give up reading, except for reading out loud. A friend reads with her, they alternate between paragraphs. This way she can finish a book. At the end, she said she was happy overall.

Camelia flower and cut leaf, bone bead, strawberry tree fruit and leaves, chilils

Most of us described how the pandemic had slowed us down. Four of us are political activists, all have become more creative. I’m letting our conversation settle into my heart, can feel it in my chest. Without Zoom, we’d drive long distances, not truly get caught up with everyone, shift our focus on the food, rather than listening to each other. I’m grateful for friends, for the ability to listen, to read, and for Zoom.

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  1. bonnie Felix

    Thank you for telling us with so much care about your get together with your old friends/ partners in work
    I could feel everything you described. xo Bonnie

  2. Janet Robbins

    Beautiful, Carol, & I so agree with finding gratitude all around, just sitting quietly and letting it wash over you. Very calming, like your mandalas ❤️

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