Gratitude – one of the most amazing things about making this book and now this website, is how many people offer their gardens to me. “Take whatever you like, as much as you like” is what I hear over and over again. Today’s mandala combines a camellia from an Inverness Park garden and mahonia parts (leaves, flowers and buds) from a landscape up on Kehoe in Inverness. I have to be aware that I don’t need a lot, the table I compose on is only two feet across, and big pieces have to be cut up if they’re going to fit. Another consideration is how uniform the materials are. Since most of the designs are symmetrical, I need materials of similar sizes or it throws everything off. Today’s mandala only has one yellow mahonia flower cluster because the others I gathered were too big or too small. That’s not a problem though – working with what I’ve got is part of the fun.

Camelia, mahonia leaves, flower buds and flowers, smoky topaz, boxwood leaves, bay leaves, Japanese maple twigs, and dried flower buds from the Stunt Ranch Road Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains

What started as a way to cope with the pandemic, and white supremacy (aka Trumpian politics), has turned into gratitude, especially now that we have adults in charge of our democracy. The book is gorgeous, beyond my expectation. I’m grateful for everyone who’s bought it. I’m thankful that I can share it with so many people, and that they’re getting the joy from it that I got from making it.

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  1. mekahdv

    Aloha Carol!

    Received my Mandala ! today !! and my cards !! showed your book to my neighbor and asked her to pick out a card to keep, she was grateful ! Thank you for all you do ! Meka

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