Green and white = spring in my mind, though of course other colors are blooming now too. I was just over at a recently deceased neighbor’s house, visiting with her son, who is wrapping up her estate. I miss her. Her garden style influenced me, starting years ago when I worked as her gardener. I learned about daphne, geraniums, and azaleas. There are many of the latter in her yard right now, white against the profusion of green that surrounds them. My memories of her will always be associated with her love of plants (among other things). Stay tuned til tomorrow for some of her exquisite hellebores.

Today’s collection of plants comes from my yard, except for the little beads of course.

Daffodil, ribes sanguineum Inverness flowers clusters and leaves, evergreen clematis petals and flower, small topaz beads

Next up today is finalizing the choices of images for the new greeting cards. I’ve found a printer who sat down to discuss the project with me, and provide a prototype, so I won’t be flying blind, dependent on the online vendors who simply do what they do. These will be higher quality.

Also have a one of my weekly phone banks this afternoon. Calling voters in Georgia to ask them to call their state reps to oppose the new voter suppression bills in their legislature. Please get in touch if you want to participate. Will Zoom you can do it anywhere.

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