It’s Groundhog Day again, and it seems like it’s been here for the last 11 months. However, the plants aren’t stuck doing the same thing day after day, and I like aligning myself with them, and taking on their perspective. This year the prediction is for 6 more weeks of winter. I’m sorry, but spring is happening here. Feeling for the people in the northeast where a blizzard has blanketed the area. The west has fires, earthquakes and mudslides. And nothing ever stays the same.

Nereocystis luetkeana (aka bull whip kelp), hellebore buds and leaves, smoky topaz, iris foetidissima seeds, mahonia and Japanese maple twigs

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    I don’t know why this is happening, but the Mandalas are too big , for me to see the whole . When I look at the previous ones, I see the whole Mandala. any suggestions? I am Loving them!!

    1. Carol Whitman

      When did this start happening, and is it only on the blog, not on FB? I’ve asked Beatrice, my web wizard about it. Could be my new camera is formatting them differently, hence the question about when it started to happening. Haven’t heard anyone else say this, but would like to figure it out. Stay tuned.

    2. Carol Whitman

      Someone suggests that you click on the image, not the post? not sure what that means, but I’m meeting with Beatrice tomorrow morning. is it continuing to happen?

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