New Year’s Day mandala composed of rosehips, lupine leaves, strawflowers, pineapple guavas, eucalyptus caps, horsetail fern

New Year’s Day, 2021, so long awaited, and it’s finally here. I was the first person there at Millerton this morning, for my walk on Tomales Bay. The sky is big there – up and down the Bay unfolding; the Inverness Ridge with the bay in-between. The shoreline had a line of foam marking the boundary of the water and land. Glorious. I’ve gotten back to walking every day again. For a while the mandalas kept me home, claiming first priority. As the days got shorter, and darker, it made sense to do a mandala first thing. I have an abundance of material in the studio, don’t have to gather first thing.Now the days are getting longer again. Not very obvious yet, but just knowing this motivates me to get out into the morning.

I walked along the beach singing my gratitude. Happy New Year’s Day.

photo of shoreline with foam squiggle
Foam squiggle, Millerton Point, Marin County, California

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