These hellebores make me swoon! These are so delicious, I’m tempted to grow nothing but. They grow in the shade, bloom in late winter/early spring, and are just exquisite. But, I have quite a bit of sun, and like having something in bloom year round, so will keep planting out my seedlings. I posted this photo on social media, and kept the yellow of the daffodil strong there. In Lightroom, where I edit for the blog, I was able to tone down the strong yellow, and balance it with the pinky/white of the flowers around the outer circumference. Prefer this one.

Daffodil, hellebores, ribes sanguineum Inverness flowers and leaves, eucalyptus sticks, brass beads

You’ll also note that I went back to the table on this one. I’m mixed about it. The holes on the surface give it a basic structure, and I know some people prefer the circle. On the other hand, the non-circular shapes are more fun to create, though I have to say I enjoyed making this one a lot. I’m interested in which you prefer, and WHY?

Here’s a shot of the hellebores, waiting in water for their time to shine.

Sue’s Hellebore

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  1. witchery103

    Wow! Just gorgeous hellebores, never seen any so beautiful & delicate in their shading. Mostly, I like the circular mandalas—something about the circles of life, wheels of fortune, seasons cycling around year by year give them a sense of continuity which I find peaceful. Just my 10 cents worth, they’re all remarkable!

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