This one is in honor of my grandson’s 13th birthday. I’m looking forward to talking to him this morning, and seeing him later this summer. He picked out the print from November 23 as one of his gifts. It’s the one with buckeyes and a piece of dried seaweed, and one of my favorites. 

Today’s mandala has hazelnuts fresh from the trees, in clusters around the edge, and ones that fell last year around the center. They’re useful for adding little details and often really finish a piece well. 

Clematis center, hazelnuts both fresh and dried, borage flowers, matilija poppy petals, calendula petals, snapdragons and poppy seed pods

Here’s the one from November 23rd from the show at Toby’s — looks like a holiday card to me.

Dried seaweed, redwood branch tips, bay nut, buckeye nuts, gazania petals, madrone sticks, fir cone seeds

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