January 21, 2021

In art, it’s easier to know when something is done than in life. I got to this point with this piece and felt it was done, though added a few more things, like turquoise clay beds. They were a distraction. This reflects the subtle overcast skies, and my need to take deep breaths to get through the next 10 days til inauguration.

botanical mandala with silver at the center
Square piece of silver, amber beads, coral beads, rhododendron seed pods, Japanese coral bark maple twigs, dried flower buds from Stunt Ranch Road Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, sweet fern

The past week has been a series of highs – GEORGIA! and extreme lows – sedition and violence. I’m holding on to the win in Georgia, our win in November. And I’m getting ready to start working on restoring some semblance of democracy and sanity in our civic discourse. I’ll be taking my lead from Indivisible, from Stacey Abrams, and people like her, to frame my activism this year. We need to fix the Senate – make Washington, DC a state, expand the Supreme Court, and take away McConnell’s power by doing away with the filibuster. Big ideas, and we need to do push them boldly and not waste time.

When I first envisioned this blog I considered not bringing my activism into it. Can’t do that though. Every one of use is responsible for taking care of ourselves, each other, and our local, state and national communities. And we need to do what we can to accomplish this. Stay tuned for future information on what we can do to restore our blessed community.

When I started working to counter the racist, cruel, xenophobic, mysogynistic 45th president, I thought I’d be done when we got to January 20, 2021. That was pretty naive of me I know. This work has milestones to meet, but it’s never done.

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