I walked into town this morning to get my husband some treats from Brickmaiden Breads. Walking is my #1 sanity saver these days. If I don’t walk, I don’t feel right. It almost rained. Some is predicted, though not promised, later this afternoon. This view from the Olema Marsh gets me every time, and the autumnal colors sing. On the way home, I went by a flowering ivy plant, and had to get some for this mandala.Someone asked me which comes first — the center or other parts. In this case it was the other parts. I tried a marigold, a dahlia, and a large ivy flower cluster. This worked the best, in part because of the little spoon-shape at the end of the petals that echo the ivy flower buds. More often than not, the center comes first though.

Olema Marsh and the ridge
African daisy, ivy flowers, calibrachoa, hazelnuts

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