I’m stepping outside of my normal routine with family visiting. It’s interesting to watch thoughts such as “you’re not being productive” pass through my head. It’s mostly been relaxing, sitting around telling stories and laughing, and eating my husband’s good cooking. Yesterday my sister, her husband and I went to Bolinas to deliver a botanical mandala print at the nursery, and walk on the beach. The tide was low enough that we could walk from one access point to the other. When we got home we feasted on chicken cashew curry, jasmine rice, and a salad of roasted vegetables, feta and almonds. We had fresh berries and little almond cookies for dessert. Yum. Pad Thai with shrimp and a zucchini green curry soup are on the menu today.

My sister and I went shopping in town afterwards, in shops I hadn’t entered in a very long time. Most of them were fairly quiet, and the shoppers were primarily women, in twos, like us. I introduced my sister to one owner, who, as we were leaving, suggested we make a mandala together. What a great idea! Will do that later today and show the results tomorrow.

In the meantime here’s a mandala featuring those lovely dogwood leaves again.

Ranunculus, dogwood leaves, crespedia globosa, alstroemeria, columbine

I’ve been trying to grow auriculas, a type of primrose that produces flowers with striking colors and stripes. The plants are sensitive — not to cold —rather to light and how much water they get. You can tell by looking at them when they’re happy. Mine haven’t been lately. I have an auricula theatre to house them, to keep the rain off, and presumably moderate the sun. Went out a couple of days ago and they were limp from too much light. Their location needs to change, and that’s a two person job, and guess what, we have two handy people here. They accomplished it in minutes.

Photo of an auricula theatre
Relocated auricula theatre

I’ve only gotten one of them to bloom, and it was fleeting.

Auricula flower
Solitary bloom from one of the auriculas

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