Inauguration Day – January 20, 2021. The perfect palindrome. OMG, OMG! I watched, I laughed, I cried. And now I can’t fully absorb what it means to have decent human adults leading our government. A day for deep breaths and gratitude.

mandala for inauguration day
Hellebores, camelia bud, clay beands, rose hips, coral bark Japanese maple twigs, silk tassel tree buds, pussy willows

This mandala doesn’t fully capture my feelings about Biden and Harris coming into power, and it’s possible that no mandala could. My heart is in it, but I wanted fireworks. The hellebores cooperated. I had to move them so they wouldn’t get trampled for a minor construction project. They’re in shade, in the north yard, and it wasn’t clear that they’d make the transition. And now they have! And so have we!

There are new prints up in the store today, at the request of a friend who’s ordering a set for her bedroom. One of my favorites of all time is among them. If you have a favorite that’s not offered as a print, let me know and I’ll add it to the shop.

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