It’s hot and smoky. This time last year we were evacuated to Oakland, to Elmwood. I made mandalas there with a new palette of botanical species. It was super smoky then, and there was no vaccine yet, so in spite of seeing some old friends, I felt pretty isolated. The cats were not happy. Della stayed under the bed, hiding in the box spring most of the time. So far this year we’re good, though there was a clamor of emergency sirens a little while ago. Hope all is well — no fires and no accidents.

On a more positive note, I sold a print to a friend this morning! So nice to see them go to good homes. It’s from this time last year, with Japanese anemone from the same plants as today’s. I’ll see if I can find the photo and post it along with this one.

Dahlia flower and petals, verbena, sage, Japanese anemone
This one is from August 14, 2020. It contains petunia, larkspur, Bridal Veil clematis seed clusters and flowers, Japanese anemone

I think I’m doing better these days. I know the underlying tension is there, but I’m walking every day, and still not eating sugar. It’s started to try and convince me that some ice cream is a good idea. So again, I give that thought a place at the table, and kindly tell it no. And it passes. Three weeks into this, still a one day at a time thing. So even though it’s hot and smoky, I’m grateful.

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