It’s not about perfection! I often have a race with the light when photographing my mandalas. If the sun is too high, the light coming through the skylight is too strong, and makes the resulting photo uneven. Today I didn’t know if I’d make it or not. The radicchio flowers are lovely cornflower blue. I don’t know how they’ll  last in the studio as the day heats up. I’ll find out. I was playing around with the middle space, and my husband brought me the little fraises du bois strawberries. I know they have a short shelf life, but they pulled it all together. Only needed to take one picture, which is unusual. I see a place that I’d adjust, but it’s not critical to the overall piece, and as always  — it’s not about perfection!

Hydrangea, alstroemeria petals, fraises du bois strawberries, radicchio flowers

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  1. Janet Robbins

    This is stunning, Carol, thank you for brightening my day!

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