I’m leaning toward thrilled, getting ready for the show at Toby’s that opens a week from tomorrow. Feeling a lot of excitement, trepidation, and everywhere in between. Excitement because I’ll be hanging the show with my son, Max Lesser. His current paintings are full of depth and color. I’m wondering how to get one to stay here with us (hint, hint, Max). One of the very best parts is sharing my prints in person. They’re lovely on the screen, but the size and format take them to a whole other level.

Ranunculus, Japanese maple leaves, bottlebrush flower buds, daisies, peppermint candy flowers and bleeding heart flowers

Feeling trepidation that comes from my New England upbringing. I’m not supposed to call attention to myself. And what is putting my photographs up on a wall if not saying “look at what I did!” I told my husband it feels like I’m getting too big for my britches. He said my britches are just right. So I have to remember that feelings aren’t facts, they’re just feelings, and they move through me. They aren’t permanent. There’s room to feel both the enthusiasm and the apprehension simultaneously.
Most of the time though I’m somewhere in between the two poles, leaning toward thrilled. I’m keeping myself busy – there’s still a fair bit of work to do to get ready. This morning I’m taking a walk with a neighbor, then putting the labels on the back of the prints, with their dates, materials and format. In the afternoon I’ll spend time in the garden, and host a phone bank to Georgia voters. Looking forward to it all.

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