Many years ago I didn’t like learning new things, felt intimidated by not knowing, by being a beginner. This has dropped away as I’ve become more and more willing to move into new territory. There’s an arc starting with going back to college in my 40’s, my professional career, political activism, and now with my art. It’s accelerating, when I’d expect things to be slowing down. I still get an initial thought “I don’t want to do this”. I recognize it as the initial thought, and move past it.

I want to learn how to make a good video of my process for making the mandalas. Max Lesser, Laurie Curtis and I are having a show at Toby’s Feed Barn Gallery in April. Due to the pandemic, we’re not likely to have an opening reception, so maybe we can splice together a short video of each of us making our art? Any thoughts on a good way to do this?

Ribes sanguineum flowers, rose hips. shell and sea urchin spines

This mandala was started yesterday, and I practiced taking a video while making it. Finished up this morning, and deleted the video. Learned a lot. Have a ways to go. Will get there.

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  1. marjie mohror

    There’s a calming in the color and a serenity in the softness.

  2. haleakala

    I don’t have any video suggestions but I absolutely love your mandalas! What a beautiful creative outlet you’ve discovered.Thank you for sharing 🙂

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