Little things matter, they really do, and this piece shows why. Can you imagine it with just the 4 big pieces? It’s the delicacy of the maple twigs that pull it together and take it beyond being a floral arrangement.

Ranunculus, chocolate Queen Anne’s lace, rose hips, Japanese maple stems

For me, the pandemic has been a good time to focus on the little things, bring it down to what’s right in front of me. It’s given me the time to make mandalas, to stay home, garden and take walks. Most social contact has been on Zoom, and I’ve had a love/hate relationship there. I’m grateful it’s available. It’s connected the widely distributed parts of my family, in Maryland, Washington, DC. New Mexico, Arizona, LA and West Marin. But it’s also hard to see people’s eyes, really see their faces, and of course, their whole bodies. But in other ways it’s better than in-person. Our phone bank sessions happen on Zoom, and allow larger groups to participate than if we’d done it at a home. You can’t mute a loud talker in the next room like you can on Zoom.
Slowly now, I’m expanding my contact with others. I’ve met folks at Toby’s and walked through the show with them. I’m still leery of the weekends when it gets crowded out here, and run errands first thing in the morning to avoid crowds. I think about taking the trip to Ireland that was canceled last September.  
Overall though, it feels good to still focus on the little things, both in art and life. How about you?

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