One of the cats got locked in the studio last night. I wondered where she was, when she didn’t settle at the bottom of the bed, but I was tired, and fell asleep. This morning when I went to let Luna out, there was Della, looking up at me perplexed, and a little wary. She ate, and then got in my lap, and caught up on the affection she missed. She didn’t snub me, or hold a resentment in any way. When we cut Luna’s nails, she looks at us like we’ve betrayed her, and hides under a chair for a minute or two. Then she’s over it. Cats move on. I’m working on it.

Clematis, maidenhair fern fronds and stems, tanunclus petals

Most of my resentments are based on pride — someone has disregarded my needs in some way — and I hold them responsible for it. Depending on the situation I can obsess on it for hours or days. For the latter especially, I’ve found a solution that works, when I use it. It involves praying for the other person, that they receive everything that I want out of the situation. I don’t have to mean it, just have to do it. I’ve found that if I do it consistently for a couple of weeks, the resentment lightens, and sometimes disappears entirely. Now obviously it doesn’t change the other person, it’s within me. I gradually let go of the resentment, it stops taking up space in my head, and move on. Just like Della did this morning, only it takes me a lot longer! If I’d been locked in the studio last night, I’d be nursing a big one. In case you’re wondering, I don’t have resentments festering today. Just noticed how the cats don’t take things personally, and move on. Our animals can teach us a lot.

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