Our lonely neighborhood turkey has been alone for a couple of years, pre-COVID. There used to be at least three, one of whom had a pronounced limp. This one skitters from yard to yard, fast, and impossible to catch. I know there’s a young park ranger who’d like to relocate her to another group, but he can’t catch her, and who’s to say she’d be accepted as an incoming refuge. I can attest that, when cornered in my garden, she first runs, then flies up the driveway.

Here’s our lonely neighborhood turkey, roosting for the night.

The Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace in the middle of today’s mandala comes from a volunteer. I started growing them a few years ago, and now they’re popping up in uncultivated ground. This one isn’t as chocolatey as they can get, but you get the idea.

Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace, primroses, unfurling ferns, rose cedar cones, hellebore petals, daisy petals

And finally, here’s another plug for the first edition of my book, Flowers for a Pandemic. There are still a few left. I’ll be selling them at the Toby’s show in April. Just approved the proof for the second edition. They make great gifts. A signed version of the first will be a collectors item! Ha ha ha ha.

Flowers for a Pandemic

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