There’s lots of good news today – my heart is full. First off, it’s my son’s birthday, and we had a conversation this morning. More significantly, he’s going to come north with his family at the end of the month, to hang his paintings in our group show at Toby’s. Reposting one of his paintings for your viewing pleasure. Like many people, we haven’t seen each other face-to-face in more than a year. So grateful.

Oil on linen over panel. 24″ x 26″
Primroses, hellebore petals and seed pods, varigated croton, horse tail fern tips, Japanese maple twigs

I’m putting together the final touches on the new greeting card line. They’ve morphed a lot in the past month, and I think they’re ready to go to the printer.

Get to have a visit and walk with a couple of dear friends, Mary and Heather, this afternoon. Haven’t seen them in ages either, except on Zoom.

I’ll plant out some of my flower seedlings. They’re ready to get into the ground.

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  1. Harriet Barlow

    Your happiness is contagious. Thank you. And, as daily, for the beauty.

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