I’m loving yellow, such a sure sign of spring. And thank you for suggestions on how to prop up flowers. There are times when having a daffodil on its’ side works with the design, and times when I want to see down their throats. Here we have both!

Daffodills, strawflowers, blue-eyed daisy petals, tiny topaz beads, ribes sangiuneum leaves

Bob, my artist/engineer husband came up with the idea of making paper collars to hold the daffodils upright. They’re so simple, just paper and tape, and they do the job well.

Today we’re going up to the Spud Point Crab Co. The drive is glorious, up Rt.1 on Tomales Bay, then inland through Tomales and Valley Ford, before regaining the coast at Bodega Bay. Will probably take our crab cocktails and chowder further north to Duncan’s Point, for a picnic. One of the best pandemic getaways ever.

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