You have to make do with what you have, right?

Here’s a story that my husband found as we were cleaning up files. Itzak Perlman, the renowned violinist, was playing in NYC. He had polio as a child and used braces and crutches to slowly move across the stage and took his seat. The audience waited patiently as he took off his braces, and adjusted his legs. He raised his violin, signaled to the conductor, and started playing. A few bars in, there was a loud thwack. One of the strings had broken. The audience was quiet, expecting him to put on his braces, pick up his crutches, and slowly leave the stage to get a different violin or a new string. Everyone knows you need four strings to play the violin. Instead, he took the broken string off, thought for a minute, and motioned to the conductor to continue. He picked up where he’d left off, and played beautifully, changing some things as he went along.  Later, when asked, he said: “you have to make do with what you have.”
This story also speaks to me of acceptance of what is, and then using that reality to go ahead, and live our lives. I made this mandala yesterday morning, early, and had trouble getting the light right. I couldn’t stick around, was going away for the day, and I knew some of the materials would wilt. So I took the photos, and this morning I played with them in Lightroom. I could adjust things a bit, but until I decided to accept the dark edges, and extend them all around, it didn’t work. You have to make do with what you have.

Zinnia, alstroemeria petals, sunflower petals, dahlia petals, money plant

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